Happy Birthday Bluetooth!

Today 20 years ago the Bluetooth SIG was founded with a vision to make it possible to connect devices to your phone without the need of cables. Today, 20 years later Bluetooth is a complete success with almost 100% market penetration in Phones, tablets, computers.

19 years ago, the two founders of Scionova, Peter and Joakim started working in a research project to evaluate if the Bluetooth technology could be used outside of mobile industry. Back then, a Bluetooth development kit covered half your desk, did cost a fortune and had very limited functionality.

Since its start, Scionova has helped many customers build products based on Bluetooth. Our engineers have been involved in the development of the Bluetooth part of mobile phones, headsets, cars, medical devices, industrial devices and many more. Our expertise covers both the technology itself as well as the process to release a Bluetooth product and make sure that it works with all other Bluetooth devices on the market. This broad understanding secures a successful product launch where customers can enjoy the benefits with wireless.

We at Scionova think that Bluetooth have aged with grace. With the release of Bluetooth smart and mesh, Bluetooth is likely to expand even more and be an important building block in our connected society.