What does IoT mean?

Probably nobody have missed the buzz about “Internet of things” (IoT). We have all seen it lately, smart products that can be controlled with a fancy app. You install it, test it and forget that it is a “smart” product. At Scionova we have worked with connecting all kinds of devices many years before the expression was born. The development of everything being connected is very exciting and the possibilities are of course, almost limitless.

But what is IoT? 

There is no generally accepted definition of what it really is – beyond the Internet and things.
You can say that IoT is when products are connected to the internet and communicate and interact with each other. But also with us people. These products are mainly everyday products that you already own, ranging from refrigerators to cars and “smart” bracelets that measure your body values. IoT products can then communicate with each other to do anything from ordering food that has expired, announcing when the laundry is done, and to save our lives.

This article below describes the real value of Internet of things in an interesting way.