Improve your coding skills

Peter give his best tip on how you can improve your coding skills in an efficiently and funny way.

No matter if you are a junior or senior developer, it is easy to get stuck in doing things a specific way over and over again, missing out that there is a new, smarter or more efficient ways to solve common problems. There is, of course, many ways to improve your coding skills but one thing in common for many good programmers is that they do some programming for fun in addition to their work projects.

One way that I have found efficient and also very fun is coding challenges. There are several good websites out there but one of my favorites right now is This site provides a good ranking system, where you are faced with more challenging exercises when you improve your skills. But the part I like the most is that after you have solved a challenge, you can compare your solution with how others have solved the same task. There is also a voting system where you can show what solutions have gotten most votes for being more clever or following best practices. This is where I have learned the most. Even if I could solve the challenge successfully, I have always found that there are easier or smarter ways to solve the task which really make every challenge a learning experience.

What are your best ways to improve your coding skills?


//Peter Fredriksson, Senior Developer and founder at Scionova