Peter Fredriksson

2019 – The year of indoor localization

There has always been a need for accurate indoor position systems, but the lack of affordable, standardized and interoperable solutions has been a major problem holding the market back. Finally, it looks like this will change. During 2019, not one, but two important new specifications will be released that can totally change this market. Bluetooth […]

Three short tips for successful IoT projects

IoT is currently leaving the state of proof of concepts and is happening in big scale. After helping our customers execute IoT projects for over a decade, here are three short tips if you are about to start your connectivity journey. 1. Business case There may be many reasons why you are investigating the possibility […]

Improve your coding skills

Peter give his best tip on how you can improve your coding skills in an efficiently and funny way. No matter if you are a junior or senior developer, it is easy to get stuck in doing things a specific way over and over again, missing out that there is a new, smarter or more […]