DAY 2019

(Fully booked)

28 NOV 9.00 - 13.00
Lindholmspiren 7A, 7th floor.

Since we’re strongly passionate about connectivity and relations, we’d like to combine these two on this day. Through this event we would like to create an opportunity to meet people and exchange knowledge and perspectives within connectivity.

On 28th of November we have invited four experts within the matter who will speak on various topics. Get a glimpse of what we so passionately work with every single day and the opportunity to discuss different matters with our engineers who will be gathered at the event as well. “Fika” will be available all day and lunch will be served for the 11:30 session.

Are your more interested in positioning, V2X, Bluetooth or 5G? Maybe all those four? We got you covered! You are able to attend all four presentations, a few or just one, check the timetable to see what suits you best. Welcome to register for the sessions through the application below before the 22nd of November.

Time table

9.00  Katrin Sjöberg - State of play for V2X communication”
10.15  Taimoor Abbas - “Latest development on 5G and C-V2X
11.30  Peter Fredriksson - Indoor localization with UWB”
12.00  Erik Dahlgren - Bluetooth mesh”

See you there! /The Scionova Family

Soon the event will take place and we have unfortunately closed the possibility to register. All places have been filled and we are very glad for the high interest in attending Connectivity Day.

Miss the chance to register? Keep your eyes out for simliar events in the future and follow us on our social medias!

Katrin Sjöberg
Connected vehicle technology specialist at Scania

+ State of play for V2X communication +

This presentation will provide the latest update on standardization, regulation and deployment of V2X vehicle-to-everything communication technologies. Further, it will provide insight on what is happening beyond day one services.

Taimoor Abbas
Principal Researcher 5G-V2X at Huawei

+ Latest development on 5G and C-V2X +

This seminar will be an introduction to the current 5G development and future 5G releases, with a highlight on technical aspects of cellular V2X starting from 4G to 5G.

Peter Fredriksson
Development & Strategies Senior consultant / Founder of Scionova

+ Indoor localization with UWB +

Is indoor localization finally about to take off? We think so and the release of UWB in the iPhone 11 is a good indicator that it is finally happening. This session includes a short technical walkthrough of Ultra Wide Band for indoor localization and presents some news about the technology, the new UWB standard, and the indoor localization market.

Erik Dahlgren
Senior Software Developer at Scionova

+ Bluetooth mesh +

After many years of waiting, the long anticipated Bluetooth mesh networking standard was finally released in the middle of 2017. How does this technology fit in the IoT arena and how does it fare against other technologies offering mesh capability? This session provides a quick introduction to the standard and how it compares with its main rivaling technologies.