We love challenges!

Are you looking for challenges and love working with connectivity?
We are always looking for committed and talented people. But most importantly, those with dreams of creating a better future - for everyone

Master thesis and internship


For us at Scionova students and interns are an important part of the team. You will work on challenging projects for the future and learn all about IoT and connectivity. We share our knowledge and are a great support so you can get the most out of your time with us as a student or an intern.

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its-jira is a Gerrit plugin to automatically interact with Jira when actions are taken in Gerrit. It is one of many plugins in a family that essentially does the same but for different issue ticket systems (ITS). There are similar […]

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Bluetooth Low Energy Audio

In this blogpost I will give a brief overview of the new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Audio features enabled by the recently released Bluetooth 5.2 Core Specification. Previous BLE blog posts We have previously written two blogposts containing information about […]

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Spontaneous application?

+ JOIN US! +

What can you expect from us?


We like to think we are more than a place where you just work. You can say we see Scionova as a family. A professional family.

As with all families we are there for you. And you are there for us. We do it together. For real. We support each other, and we share knowledge. We know that every person is unique, and we truly respect that. Difference makes our professional family dynamic and broad-minded.

Each different background and experience is a great benefit for you as well as for our clients. Challenging projects and supportive management goes without saying when you work with us. And a lot of fun.

We are pioneers!

We see ourselves a bit like pioneers. In other words, those who explore new technology and discover new possibilities. Sometimes we enter uncharted waters that really put our skills to the test.

At Scionova, we always seek challenges and are at our best when leading the expedition. Therefore we call ourselves pioneers within connectivity. We are still chasing our childhood dreams of exploring, inventing and creating. What about you? Are you still dreaming of doing the impossible expedition to where no one has been before?

What we do helps people

+ HOW? +

Connectivity already makes a big difference. Especially in health care. For example; diabetes patients get the right amount of insulin thanks to smart pumps, blood coagualtion is checked with bluetooth devices and Apple Watch apps are taking up the fight against depression.

How can connectivity help us in the future? Actually, you could be the one to answer that. Join our professional family and be a part of future projects to make life better for everyone.

We care


We love people and watching them grow and develop is truly amazing. Personal development is an ongoing project and together we target individual plans so everyone in our team can progress.

We genuinely care about our professional family at Scionova. We know the importance of feeling secure, meaningful and heard as an employee. For us it's not just words on a paper that sound good. For us it's a natural part of our company and it has always been like that. It's our foundation.

Successful solutions

We are the go to place when it comes to connectivity. In other words, we provide a complete range of services for your connectivity technology project.

Our experienced engineers and their committment will make your project succesfull.
We are connectivity.


We are experts in Automotive connectivity. More than 10 years of experience from automotive industry makes us a given partner for development of new connectivity technology.

We provide a complete solution for connectivity - from idea to launch. Our competence in strategic guidance, management and development give you a head start in the competition.


MedTech is a growing area in connectivity. We bring our experience from the Telecom and Automotive industry to create valuable and life-enhancing connectivity solutions. The greatest benefits and values of MedTech is for the end-customer, the patients.

We have a broad background in developing complete connectivity solutions for the medical and health sector.


SmartHomes is smarter than you think. Today SmartHomes is so much more than a intelligent refrigerator that tell you what to put on the shoppinglist. It is not only efficiency we want, we want SmartHomes that save the enviroment and help us to save energy. The demand for new improvements in our digital homes will increase.

We provide the connectivity technology if you bring the next smart SmartHome idea!


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Sales & Recruitment
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Marketing & Communication
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Development & Strategies
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Board of directors
Senior consultant / Founder
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The team

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Software Developer

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Cloud Developer

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Software Developer

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Software Developer

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Marketing & Communication

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Software Developer

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Senior Test Engineer

Lovisa Dellwik

Matix Student 

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Abhijeet Shirolikar

Senior Software Developer

Johannes Jansson

Software Developer

Daniel Hemberg


Christopher Börke

Software Developer

Alejandro Garcia

Senior Software Developer