Peter Fredriksson_founder_scionova

Peter is a Senior Developer and co-founder at Scionova.
We asked him some few questions.

What's the best thing about working at Scionova?

Easy one, my fantastic colleagues and all the fun projects we work in. I´m lucky to love what I´m working with.

How long have you been at Scionova?

From the very start, 13 years now. Before that, I worked at a startup in Halmstad who developed Bluetooth products. It was fun but after 5 years I felt it was time for the next step.

You and Joakim started Scionova 2005 How was it to start your own business?

It was a period with a lot of new things to learn, but it was a fun time! Me and Joakim worked a lot to create the foundation for a stable economy. In the evenings we learned accounting and regulations.

What is your driving force and what are you passionate about in your daily work?

For me, the driving force is based on that I think it's so fun to work with product development. When it's fun, everything is easy, and it is also easier to get those tasks done that you may be like less but need to do.

What are you doing in your spare time? Any hobbies?

A bit too many I would say. I love to take the boat to an island or to fish. Take a ride with the cross-motorcycle, or the Mtb, or run, or hunting, or brew some beer, you see, a lot!

Tricky one, Describe yourself in 3 words?

Kind, happy, optimistic.

Hidden talent you would like to share?

According to my kids, it is that I know how to shuffle (the dance). But I would prefer to keep that one hidden.