Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer

You’re a Cloud developer and/or Architect who really cares about the work you do. It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned expert or a 2nd year junior, as long as you are curious and always looking for creative ways to achieve goals and remove obstacles. Being a strong learner will benefit you a great deal as you’re likely to be picking up a lot of new skills. Ideally you have experience working in a role where you had to balance solving software performance and scaling challenges with creating customer value and keeping deadlines. 


  • True team player with an entrepreneurial attitude who loves to share your knowledge with colleagues. 
  • Someone with an experimental mindset who is not afraid to share ideas even if they are not tested or challenged. 
  • At least around 2 years’ experience in developing scalable services using Java, Kotlin, Go, C#, Node.js or similar. 
  • Experience of designing API: s (such a REST or gRPC) 
  • Experience in Microservice Architecture and Service monitoring/alerting. 
  • Experience of working with Docker/Kubernetes and containerized applications. 
  • Confident in working with and designing databases. 
  • Experience in working with services in any of the major public cloud provider ecosystems (Azure, AWS or Google Cloud) 
  • Experience of working with common messaging Protocols such as HTTP, MQTT, AMQP and STOMP. 


Starting time: Flexible

Location: Göteborg and the surrounding area

Working hours: Preferably full time (40h/week)

Salary: Monthly salary


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Why Scionova

At Scionova, we offer you a chance to be a part of a team where we all are passionate about connectivity. We choose our own assignments due to our solid and diverse network of customers. Combined with a competent and well-connected organization focusing on sales and customer relations, we strive to find the most interesting projects and assignments. 

We also offer a workplace where you have the chance to influence the company, such in decision making and the direction of the company. We always seek to develop, and that is with help from each other. And since the company develops as we all develop, we put a lot of emphasis on individual development plans.  

In short, we offer a place where we are proud to be working. A place where we’re surrounded by a great group of people, that happen to have great technical skills as well. We want to strive forward becoming an even bigger group of people, still maintaining the close and familiar corporate culture. Where we all feel that we can make our voices heard. If it’s when calling out for support or having an idea for how we can change and develop. 

About Scionova

We’re a small, specialized tech company with a strong ambition to expand our team of great engineers. We at Scionova pride ourselves on our solid diverse and combined experience where we work together to make our world more connected. 

The company is fully built around our team of amazing individuals who all work on interesting, highly relevant and challenging problems daily. Therefore, we always want to make sure that you’re put in a project that, to you, is developing. 

We are now in an expansive phase where we plan to grow both as a company and employer. This means that you’d be joining a place that constantly seek to develop, in order to provide our customers a more variation of services and you a more variation of cool projects. 

But cool and developing projects isn’t the only thing we take pride in. We also cherish our corporate culture. If you become a part of Scionova you’ll be welcomed to an open and familial environment. A place where we help one another and take advantage of each other's ideas. 

We care


We love people and watching them grow and develop is truly amazing. Personal development is an ongoing project and together we target individual plans so everyone in our team can progress.

We genuinely care about our professional family at Scionova. We know the importance of feeling secure, meaningful and heard as an employee. For us it's not just words on a paper that sound good. For us it's a natural part of our company and it has always been like that. It's our foundation.

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