Cloud Developer

Cloud developer

We are:

We’re a bite-sized tech company with the ambition to become at least byte-sized. We at Scionova pride ourselves on our solid combined experience and knowledge base on wireless communication and surrounding technologies. Our strength lies in our highly skilled individuals and our drive towards getting real, tangible results from our work. We’re tech geeks in an open-cultured company where we empower eachother to be able to empower those who rely on us.

About the job

You are:

You’re a Cloud developer who really cares about the work you do. You are a seasoned expert, that are curious and always looking for creative ways to reach goals and remove obstacles. Being a strong learner will benefit you a great deal as you’re likely to be picking up a lot of new skills. You have experience working in a role where you had to balance solving software performance and scaling challenges with creating customer value. Willingness to understand the architecture of multiple systems and being able to make updates to them independently.

What we are looking for:

  • A true team player with an entrepreneurial attitude who can live with uncertainty.
  • Someone with an experimental mindset who is not afraid to share ideas even if they are not implemented.
  • A passionate Backend Engineer with at least 5 years’ experience in developing scalable services using Scala, Akka, Finagle/Finch, Kotlin, .NET or similar.
  • An experienced RESTful API designer with a background in Microservice Architecture, Reliability Patterns and Monitoring/Alerting.
  • A person confident in using a different kind of databases and virtualization techniques.
  • Knowledge of business functions and user stories, decompose them into technical specifications and develop working application code for a cloud environment.
  • Someone that loves connectivity as much as we do, this likely means you have experience from communication protocols such as TCP/IP and messaging Protocols like AMQP, MQTT, or STOMP.

Why Scionova?

Why choose us:

First and foremost, we’re not looking to just seat you into any job that fits your technical profile. We want to know what makes you tick and find a position that both suits the customer’s needs and enables you to thrive and grow. The aim of the company is to support employees reach their peak (which is not an euphemism for ”working eighty hours a week”) and through that philosophy strengthen the company from the ground up. We regularly have gatherings of a more or less serious nature, with chatter varying from paragliding to inodes and communication protocols. Also, cookies.

Do you want to join our adventure where the professional family grows bigger and bigger? We want you! You have been missed!

Starting time: Flexible

Location: Göteborg and the surrounding area

Working hours: Preferably full time (40h/week)

Salary: Monthly salary


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We care


We love people and watching them grow and develop is truly amazing. Personal development is an ongoing project and together we target individual plans so everyone in our team can progress.

We genuinely care about our professional family at Scionova. We know the importance of feeling secure, meaningful and heard as an employee. For us it's not just words on a paper that sound good. For us it's a natural part of our company and it has always been like that. It's our foundation.

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