Improve your coding skills

Peter give his best tip on how you can improve your coding skills in an efficiently and funny way. No matter if you are a junior or senior developer, it is easy to get stuck in doing things a specific way over and over again, missing out that there is a new, smarter or more […]

What does IoT mean?

Probably nobody have missed the buzz about “Internet of things” (IoT). We have all seen it lately, smart products that can be controlled with a fancy app. You install it, test it and forget that it is a “smart” product. At Scionova we have worked with connecting all kinds of devices many years before the […]

20 years with Bluetooth

Already at the university in the 90’s the founders Peter and Joakim started to explore and research the potential of connectivity and wireless communication. Participating in research projects developing, for that time, revolutionary small wireless access points using the latest available technology such as Bluetooth, Linux and webservices. Moving on to a master thesis focusing […]

Happy Birthday Bluetooth!

Today 20 years ago the Bluetooth SIG was founded with a vision to make it possible to connect devices to your phone without the need of cables. Today, 20 years later Bluetooth is a complete success with almost 100% market penetration in Phones, tablets, computers. 19 years ago, the two founders of Scionova, Peter and […]

The future of transportation 

There is many potential benefits of a connected transportation system. Imagine the possibilities. Able to enhance safety and mobility, and address environmental impacts are wide-ranging. They will be felt by every one of us, enchancing the livability of our communities and ultimately making our transportation safer and smarter.  

What is eHealth?

eHealth is growing fast. But what is it? Is it the same as Health IT? What is eHealth?

Connectivity changes health care

The potential for more connected and cloud based medicine and health care is very positive. How the potential of connectivity is set to transform healthcare

The real value of Internet of Things

IoT is growing and the possibilities are endless. We use IoT more and more in our everyday life. What is the real value of all connected devices? Read Gartners research report here.