An Introduction to AWS Cloud Development

My experience from Cloud Development Roughly one year ago I began developing in AWS (Amazon Web Services). I could then immediately see what all the buzz was about. AWS, and other Cloud platform providers (Azure, GCP etc.), supplies an immense amount of services. These services include both managed and unmanaged, from completely serverless to a […]

Debug your way to understanding

If it’s not already, this blogpost will give you some practical tips on how to make your debugger your best friend. If you are new on the job and thrown into a big legacy system, it can sometimes be really difficult to understand the flow of the code. Even when you are familiar with the […]

IoT… as a Business Approach.

We are living in a turbulent world where competition is becoming hyperturbulent. New and existing companies must take the job seriously of continually initiating and adjusting to the new Industry 4.0. Internet of Things (IoT) technology is causing an immense disruption across many industries with the pace of change increasing every day. However not everything […]

2019 – The year of indoor localization

There has always been a need for accurate indoor position systems, but the lack of affordable, standardized and interoperable solutions has been a major problem holding the market back. Finally, it looks like this will change. During 2019, not one, but two important new specifications will be released that can totally change this market. Bluetooth […]

Three short tips for successful IoT projects

IoT is currently leaving the state of proof of concepts and is happening in big scale. After helping our customers execute IoT projects for over a decade, here are three short tips if you are about to start your connectivity journey. 1. Business case There may be many reasons why you are investigating the possibility […]

Communication Protocols in IoT – Part 3

This is the third part of the series ” Communication Protocols in IoT”. The first part can be found here Bluetooth is a technology that is probably not unfamiliar to anyone today since literally every smartphone comes with the technology as standard. But how is this technology that historically is most known for audio streaming/handsfree […]

Communication Protocols in IoT – Part 2

This is the second part of the series “Communication Protocols in IoT”, the first part can be found here  NFC NFC or “Near Field Communication” is a wireless technology that is used for communication over extremely small distances (WPAN category, for NFC we are talking in terms of centimeters). While “NFC” sounds like one unified […]

Communication protocols in IoT – part 1

This is the first part of the blog series “Communication protocols in IoT” by Erik Dahlgren. Introduction With an ever-growing buzz about IoT and new connected products constantly introduced to the market, it can sometimes be difficult to get a clear overview and understanding of all the underlying wireless connectivity technologies that enable these products and […]

What does IoT mean?

Probably nobody have missed the buzz about “Internet of things” (IoT). We have all seen it lately, smart products that can be controlled with a fancy app. You install it, test it and forget that it is a “smart” product. At Scionova we have worked with connecting all kinds of devices many years before the […]

The real value of Internet of Things

IoT is growing and the possibilities are endless. We use IoT more and more in our everyday life. What is the real value of all connected devices? Read Gartners research report here.